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As a result of the large difference in the melting temperature and crystallization temperature between TPI and paraffin, the obtained polymer materials exhibit a triple-shape-memory behavior.

Crystallization is the solidification of atoms or molecules into a highly structured form called a crystal. Usually, this refers to the slow precipitation of crystals from a solution of a substance. However, crystals can form from a pure melt or directly from deposition from the gas phase.

Crystallization is the process by which a chemical is converted from a liquid into a solid crystalline state.

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Crystallization is a technique which chemists use to purify solid compounds. It is one of the fundamental procedures each chemist must master to become proficient in the laboratory. Crystallization is based on the principles of solubility: compounds (solutes) tend to be more soluble in hot liquids (solvents) than they are in cold liquids.

The freezing process, also called crystallization, involves cooling salt water to form crystals of pure ice. The ice crystals are separated from the unfrozen brine, rinsed to remove residual salt, and then melted to produce fresh water. Freezing is theoretically more efficient than distillation, and scaling as well as corrosion.

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The spontaneously formed water film, with thickness inhomogeneity and temperature gradient, fully utilizes the input energy.

Crystallization is a technique that has long been used in the purification of substances. Often, when a solid substance (single compound) is placed in a liquid, it dissolves. Upon adding more of the solid, a point eventually is reached beyond which no further solid dissolves, and the solution is said to be saturated with the solid compound.

For manual or automated setup of protein crystallization screening conditions. Read More: NeXtal Tubes Suites. For screening crystallization conditions

Crystallization financial definition of Crystallization – The act of selling an asset and immediately buying the same asset back. One does this for tax purposes; that is, one sells the asset in order to realize a capital loss, but buys it back because one believes it still represents a solid investment.Most tax agencies have rules forbidding or limiting crystallization.

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